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“We at FluenC strive to achieve and provide the best. This would not be possible without having good trained faculty as well as giving our students what they really need. If you are interested in taking up Foreign language training as your career, please get in touch with us. You shall be trained in the most niche methods, that would propel you in the right direction, as a trainer. As a student, if you learn a language at least up to the B1 level, we could also counsel and link you to foreign language related jobs in the market”.

For Trainers:

  • Passionate about training?
  • Want to associate with the best?
  • Want to be the best trainer and get recognized?
  • Then, get empanelled with us !

For IT support candidates:

  • Experience – 2-8 Years
  • Language skills – German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguese ( Anyone is mandatory )
  • Notice period – 60days max
  • Role – Technical support Engineer II & III
  • Shift – 5 pm to 2 AM // 9 PM to 6 AM // 11 PM to 8 AM

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