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Conversational Courses(Suitable for candidates who are interested in the “Speaking” competence of the language)

  • Basic

    Target Audience:

    • Working professionals in middle / senior level jobs who need to interact in local medium intermittently to be able to build rapport with subordinates and peers in their jobs and,
    • Who are in India for the first time,
    • Who have had absolutely no exposure to local language or culture.
    • Who are keen to learn rudimentary communication in local lingo, and develop basic familiarity with local cuisine and culture, so as to be able to interact more confidently and find acceptance and comfort in their work
    • Who want to integrate for social acceptance / friendship.


  • Business

    Target Audience:

    • Working professionals in middle / senior level jobs who already have, or who are in the process of starting / acquiring Business interests in India, with local partners, and, Who have been coming to India earlier,
    • Who have already had some exposure to local language or culture.
    • Who need to learn to communicate more seriously in
    • local lingo, and need to read / sign documents in local lingo,
    • Who must know legal nuances of Business.
    • Who need to clinch Business deals here with people who may not be very comfortable in English and are primarily trustful of people who speak and understand their own


Private Courses/One-on-One Courses

  • We are delighted to Debut with courses imparting much needed, practical skills in Indian Languages to expatriates struggling to integrate into a new society where Languages and Cultural Mores prove to be major barriers.
    While our main focus is on Hindi and Kannada, other languages can be offered on specific request.
  • Specifically designed for easy intake by expatriates resulting in quick integration with the local populace and culture, thereby facilitating their rapid scaling up in the productivity at their jobs.
  • Can also be extended to family members of expatriates to help them find their feet quickly in their new homes / roles, and become comfortable and happy in their new environment.
  • Will greatly help make the lives of expatriates and their families less stressful and even help housewives find meaningful occupations to keep themselves gainfully engaged and their children do well in school.