1Are FluenC certificates accepted?
Only government empanelled institution certifications such as Max Mueller Bhavan, Alliance Francaise are recognized. One can take training in any private institute, but certifications are always safer to take with government-empanelled institutions, as private institute certificates can be rejected at the embassy for visa purposes. If there are private institutes quoting that their certificates are accepted, be careful, as this could be a hoax.
2Why the duration is so less compared to MMB/AF?
Because we focus on functional knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge, and also our methods of teaching are quicker and different. We take a more practical approach towards language learning.
3Are the trainers qualified ?
We have trainers who have learnt from institutes like AF and Goethe upto levels of C1, Native trainers with teaching experience who maybe possess an MA in the target language ,as well as passionate trainers who possess a practical approach of teaching who want to share their knowledge after staying in the target countries for more than 10 years.
4Do you provide job assistance?
No we do not. We are strictly a language-coaching institute. We can only provide counseling with respect to which language to choose or opt for with respect to career ambitions. But we keep posting the latest jobs in the foreign language market. Please do check our Careers page.
5Is there any discount on fee?
No. Our rates are already very reasonable.
6Do you provide any assistance to get admission in the university?
No we do not.
7Is there any installment facility to pay the fee?
No. One has to pay the full amount while registering.
8Will you assist to take the exam in GOETHE/DELF?
We prepare you for the exams completely. This is inbuilt in our course.
9Can I have a demo class?
No. The concept of demo classes does not exist with us.
10Can I meet/speak to the trainer?
For a group batch no. For a private batch yes.
11Do you have native speakers as trainer?
No. We believe that Indian trainers can connect better with Indian audience.
12How good Indian trainers compared to native speakers?
It is a very false conception that we Indians have, that only native trainers can teach the target language well. This is not true. Infact native trainers although well versed with the target language, may not be able to present the knowledge in a comprehensible manner for the Indian brain. Indian trainers who have a good level with foreign languages and who focus on pronunciation are infact better choices than native trainers, as they have the patience, they are more approachable, and they understand Indians better.
13Can we attend the exam in GOETHE/DELF after completing the course ?
Yes. As stated, our teaching methods guarantee passing competitive exams.
14Can I pay only the course fee excluding exam fee?
No we do not have such a concept. Whoever enrolls for a course must write the exam, so exam fee is included.
15Can I get back up class if I miss one or two?
Yes. But you will have to pay for it.
16Will you refund the fee if I do not attend the classes after paying fee?
Strictly NO!
17Why 80% attendance is must to take the exam?
Learning a foreign language is no easy task. Since our courses are already so comprehensive, the attendance to the classes is a HUGE must. When they are missed, the continuity goes off and the brain is not able to comprehend lost bits of information. This in turn reflects on the student. Then when the student takes the exam he/she will obviously fail. And it looks as if the institute has not done a proper job- where as the fault is with the student and his/her negligence in attending classes.
18Will I get certificate without attending the exam?
You will only get a participation certificate, which honestly does not have any value.
19Can you tell me the profile of the trainer?
No. Not for group batches. We are authorized to give our trainer information only to our corporate and private clients.
20Can I speak to the trainer if He/She is available over the phone?
Not if you want to attend a group batch. If you are attending a private batch, we encourage you to come down to our institute to meet the trainer in person. We are NOT authorized to give out our trainers numbers.
21Will I get any discount if I refer few friends?
22Do we need to purchase any study material from outside?
23What if the class gets cancelled for more than 2 weeks?
We shall refund your money.
24Is there any assurance that I can learn the language easily ?
As an adult, learning a new language is no easy task. One already has so many pre-conceived notions about many known languages. It is difficult to push out the information from the brain and insert and accept new information. But we definitely make it an easy and enjoyable experience at FluenC owing to our wonderful staff and extremely able trainers.
25How easy is it to learn the new languages?
As an adult, learning a new language is no easy task. One already has so many pre-conceived notions about many known languages. It is difficult to push out the information from the brain and insert and accept new information. But we definitely make it an easy and enjoyable experience at FluenC owing to our wonderful staff and extremely able trainers. Our trainers are also very helpful and will assist you with any queries that you have. All you have to do is just ask. But we also request our students to be patient as well. One should not get fed up or irritated and give up if you are not getting it right. Give it time, take it easy and it shall come to you! You just have to put in sincere efforts.
26What if I do not get satisfied/understand the trainers teaching method?
Please inform us immediately. Please do not wait until the end of the class. You can just go to the front desk, and report your concerns to the centre Manager. Once you inform us, our DOS will be able to address the problem by talking to the trainer. If you delay this, we wont be able to do anything about it- we could just maybe do something for the next batch.
27Can I pay the fee after attending few classes?
Strict no! It must be paid full and final on the day of registration!
28Do I need to bring anything to the class?
A notebook , pen, pencil, eraser and your course books.
29Can you deduct the tax because I’m paying the fee by cash?
No. Taxes are something that we owe to the Government of India and have nothing to do with whether customers pay by cash or card.
30Can you reduce the fee amount without giving the receipt to me?
31Will I be able to finish 2 levels within 2 months?
Definitely No!
32Can the French language program help in crack TEF examination?
Our exams can help you crack any competitive exam
33Do you conduct the classes for below 12 years old children?
Yes. But in a separate batch for kids- Junior batches. If no other kids are there, the child would need to attend a private batch.
34Which is the easiest language to learn?
There is no such thing as easy or tough in a language. All languages are unique and have their own challenges. It is up to you how you train your mind to pick them.
35Which language is preferred for my career growth?
We would need to know a bit about your background and career ambitions to answer that question.
36Which language is in demand in the market?
Again, it depends on your career aspirations. At the moment German is very hot.
37Will I get a job if I complete one level?
No. We recommend at least 4 levels. i.e. upto B1.
38I’m not able to pay the registration fee through online.
There is no concept of registration fees whatsoever. One has to pay the full fee amount in person.
39What is the payment mode?
Online payment- Bank transfer
40I know only regional language; can I learn any foreign language?
It is advisable to have basics of English before learning a foreign language, else it gets difficult to participate in a group class. We could arrange for private classes for students with no English knowledge who want to learn a foreign language- but it would still be difficult to pick up.
41How many students per batch?
Minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12
42How long it will take to learn a foreign language fluently?
Since we are not living in a country that does not use the target language so much, it is difficult to completely master the language in 2 years if the person is just staying here. We advise students to do at least 3 levels with us, and then go and use it in the target country and live there for 2 years to perfect it. If one does not want to travel abroad- then doing all levels right up to B2 is necessary to get fluent- along with hard work and practice everyday from students as well.
43Which language is tough to learn?
As explained before, there is no such thing. Each language has its own challenges.
44Do you have flexible timings in the group batch?
45Can I come to the class according to my convenience?
No for a group- yes for a private.
46Can I bring my child to the class along with me?
No. This is not encouraged. It causes disturbances and distractions and hampers learning for you as well as everyone else. Our staff also wont be able to focus on their work- so we don’t advise this.
47What is the procedure if I want to postpone my exam date?
You would have to take your exam within a month from that date. Call our centre to check when is the next available exam date when a batch of the same level completes.
48Is the exam conducted online?
49Do you provide online training?
Yes we do- on Skype.
50Do you have translation service?
51What are the charges for translation from foreign language to English?
Depends on the length and type of document. It goes on a per word cost.
52Do you have a library?
Yes. But only at Rajeshwari nagar, and these can be referred only within the centre.
53Can I clarify the doubts with trainer after the class?
54Can I borrow the books from library?
No. It is only for reference purposes within the institute.
55Can I have a counseling session for foreign languages?
Yes, if you come down in person.
56Do you handle cultural trainings as well?
Yes we do. We specialize in all Indo-European trainings as well as Indo-Asian trainings.
57Can I get training on email, telephone etiquette?
Yes- with our soft skill training programs.
58Is there any content where I can go through before registering?
Yes- on our website.
59Do you conduct IELTS exam?
60Do you conduct GOETHE/DELF/TEF exams?
61Can I learn two different languages simultaneously?
Definitely no!
62What happens if I have below 80% attendance?
You cannot take the exam and have to repeat the level again. In short you have to repay and do the course to get the certificate.
63What happens if I miss the exam ?
You have to check with the centre manager and take the exam within a month. You will be given a slot depending on when the next batch gets over.
64Can I write exam externally without attending the classes?
65Can I get admission letter as a proof of learning foreign language?
66Does FluenC concentrate only on the speaking skills?
No. We have 5 sections - Reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening.
67Do you have car-parking facility?
68What are minimum passing marks to get the certificate?
Minimum of 60% in each section.
69What if don’t get passing marks?
You get one more chance to attempt. After that if you don't clear still, you have to pay 1500 INR plus taxes to take the exam.
70Is your institute affiliated to any University?