Our Conversational Courses in a gist

  • Meet your conversing ability requirements effectively in the target language.
  • The focus in these modules is more on Speaking and Listening, rather than on Grammar, Reading, and Writing
  • That being said, you would definitely read and write, but it would be to a certain extent, which is determined by the content of your conversation
  • These courses are ideal for working professionals who desire to be first preferences for on-site opportunities within their organization or for people who want to mainly speak the language
  • Role-plays play an integral part
  • These courses are not designed to pass certifications, as they are more focused on speaking

We have broadly classified our Conversational Courses into

Basic Conversational Course

You will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Tell the time
  • Frame questions in order to elicit answers
  • Talk about different nationalities
  • Express abilities, disabilities, conditions and
  • Find your way around a city and run your basic errands – bare minimum
  • Citing possessions
  • Describe events in present and recent past
  • …. (and much more)

Business Conversational Course

You will be able to:

  • Express causes
  • Conduct Comparisons
  • Fix a meeting
  • Book a meeting room
  • Use different interjections and connectors
  • Use a lot of numbers and figures and explain statistics
  • … (And much more)