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October 17, 2017
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January 12, 2018

Top 10 French Idioms and Proverbs associated with Food

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Top 10 French Idioms and Proverbs associated with Food :- Learning never ends if you are willing to learn French then keep connect with us.


  • How the culinary field and France go hand in hand:-

Transfer of knowledge, ensuring that the techniques and culinary expertise inherited from the great names of French cuisine are perpetuated. French cuisine consists of the cooking traditions and practices from France.

  • How famous and proud the French are for their food :-

The French have always been proud of their sophisticated way of cooking. Fertile soil provides fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, and meat, nearly year-round. Food and alcohol play important roles in French society—the way a person eats often reflects their French heritage, region of birth, social status, and health

  • It is but natural to have so many idioms associated with food, and this serves as a proof why the French are so food obsessed (surprisingly their women are thin ;))

The Top 10 Idioms and proverbs:

  1. Les carottes sont cuites

Literal Meaning: The carrots are cooked

Interpreted Meaning: There is no hope of changing it.

A very interesting idiom to prove rigidity or inflexibility regarding a situation or someone’s character or attitude.

  1. En faire tout un fromage

Literal meaning: to make a whole cheese about it

Interpreted Meaning: to make a big deal of something

A very interesting idiom to prove to do hard work or make a big deal related to your business or work.


  1. c’est la fin des haricots

Literal Meaning: it’s the end of beans

Interpreted Meaning: there is nothing left/it’s the end

“Oh no, Facebook doesn’t work. It’s the end of the world”

 Top 10 French Proverbs


  1. avoir la pêche

Literal Meaning: to have the peach

Interpreted Meaning: to be full of energy

This idiom actually prove about that you are full of energy today, that’s nice to see

French Phrases


  1. avoir du pain sur la planche

Literal Meaning: to have bread on the board

Interpreted Meaning: to have a lot to do

Idiom to prove about a lot of task we still have to do. “Like we have to read a book which is having 300 pages.”

avoir du pain sur la planche

  1. ramener sa fraise

Literal Meaning: to bring one’s strawberry

Interpreted Meaning: to put one’s two cents in

This Idiom to prove someone who join any party without being invited and it’s irritating.

 French Idioms you should be using


  1. changer de crémerie

Literal Meaning: to change for another dairy shop

Interpreted Meaning: to take one’s custom elsewhere

you can use this idiom to talk about all kind of shops and providers.


 Popular French Idioms


  1. ce n’est pas de la tarte

Literal Meaning: it’s not tart

Interpreted Meaning: it’s not going to be easy

This idiom is a negative version of “to be a piece of cake”. You use it to say something is difficult. This work is really hard.

ce n’est pas de la tarte


  1. casser du sucre sur le dos de quelqu’un

Literal Meaning: to break sugar on someone’s back

Interpreted Meaning: to gossip about someone who isn’t there

This idiom means you are gossiping about someone who isn’t there. Poor her; everyone is talking behind her back.

 The top French phrases obsessed with food


  1. être dans les choux

Literal Meaning: to be in the cabbages

Interpreted Meaning: to be in a bad situation/to fail

This idiom is actually  tell about ,So, how did your job interview go? Oh, it wasn’t a big success

 être dans les choux



It is a good practice to learn and use idioms in a language, as it increases good language usage. Hope you will like our Top 10 French Idioms and Proverbs associated with food.

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