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Top 10 German Slang phrases that are really popular

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Top 10 German Slang phrases that are really popular

  • How slang language plays a role in our life in general

At the point when individuals talk in the vernacular utilizing slang, it expands the English dialect by including more words. Dialect isn’t static, and a dialect, for example, English is a gathering and re-examination of the expressions of numerous different dialects, for example, Latin and Greek, and also the sentiment dialects of Europe.

  • Introduction about German slang

Each language has its own arrangement of novel slang words and expressions, even German! While going all through Germany or potentially talking with locals, will undoubtedly experience some German slang words and expressions.

Intermittently, these words and expressions aren’t laid out in your German examination books, which is the reason we’ve gotten together probably the most well-known German slang words to guarantee that you’ll have the capacity to convey easygoing discussions with locals.

The top 10 German slang words :-

1. Auf dicke Hose mache

Auf dicke Hose mache

Literally, this phrase means, “To act as if you have fat pants.”.  This phrase is used to describe about someone who is bragging or boasting or pretending to be better then they actual are, especially when they are talking about money or wealth.

2.   Was geht ab?

Was geht ab?

This phrase means, “What’s up?” or “What’s happening?”. It is used as a greeting and to inquire after the other person’s wellbeing in a very informal way. If you are a teenager, you might also be able to pull off the even shorter “Was geht?” but anyone nearing thirty should stay away from it.

3.   Gebongt sein

 Gebongt sein

In German a Bon (pronounced “bong”) is the receipt you get after making a purchase. Therefore, in common parlance the verb bongen refers to ringing something up on a register (literally putting something onto a Bon), thereby settling the transaction.

4. Na?


Its a shortest way of asking about someone’s well being in any language. This means say “hello” or “how are you doing?”

5. Bock haben

Bock haben

“Bock haben” intends to be “in the mind-set for” or “up for” something. In the negative it intends to be uninclined to take part in a specific action. It’s the same as “Lust haben” (to have a lustfor something), just in a more casual form.

6. Die Nase voll haben

Die Nase voll haben

This phrase literally means “to have your nose full”.. In any case, it is neither an approach to portray somebody with a headcold, nor a man with a costly medication propensity. Rather, in German on the off chance that you have your nose full, it implies that you are fed up with or sick of something.

7. Chillen


The German verb “chillen” originates from the English “to chill”. It shares the significance of its anglophone counterpart: to hang out, rest, and by and  relax. Know, in any case, that “chillen” isn’t utilized as a part of the feeling of cooling or “to give somebody the chills”.

8. Aus der Reihe tanzen

Aus der Reihe tanzen

“Aus der reihe tanzen” is used to describe someone who stands out by getting out of line or acting like  different from everyone else. In other words we can understand like dance out of the line.

9. Einen dicken Hals haben

Einen dicken Hals haben

Have you ever been so angry that you could feel your neck muscles tensing and the veins at its front pulsing? Because that’s exactly what this phrase is describing.

10. Bekommen


Means to get something. This is the most generic term in the group since it has the least implications of how and what. It implies only that the process is finished as opposed to “empfangen”.

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