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Rules for Sanskrit sentence structure
January 24, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Tips on Japanese Dining Etiquette

Tips on Japanese Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette plays an important role in anyone’s personal and professional lives. ‘We live in a world where people are judged all the time’ ,and one always try to give the right impressions. Dining etiquette helps you to establish your reputation and self confidence. Here we are giving top 5 tips on Japanese Dining Etiquette.

Different cultures across all the countries have their own table manners and Japan  is no different. While attending a business lunch or eating with Japanese friends following these cultural knowledge can help you to shine when you go out with your Japanese colleagues.

Tips on Japanese Dining Etiquette

Japanese dining etiquette’s has varied considerably over the centuries. These top Japanese dining etiquettes will make it easy for  you and help you in a long way.

Top 5 tips on Japanese Dining Etiquette

  • Dining ExpressionsBefore the beginning of every meal Japanese people give thanks to the food they are about to eat by saying ‘itadakimasu’. They also use gochisousama’ at the end of the every meal to show their appreciation to the food they had just eaten. If you liked the food you had just eaten can compliment a dish by saying ‘oishii’ or ‘oishikatta’ (meaning: delicious food). If others had received food and you are waiting for your turn, you can simply say ‘osaki ni doozo’  (please go ahead).
  • Slurping– Slurping is acceptable in Japan while eating. It’s a Japanese belief. Inhaling the air while having soup or eating noodles makes the food taste nicer. It also shows that you enjoyed the food.
  • Drinking– Do not pour your drink yourself. You must wait for someone else to do that for you . It’s a Japanese dining etiquette where people pour drinks for other people and they get the same favour in return.
  • Oshibori (Wet towel)– You will be provided with a hot steamed towel called ‘oshibori’  to clean your hands whenever you will visit any bar or restaurant. You shouldn’t clean your face or neck with oshibori. It is considered to be impolite.
  • Chopstick etiquettes-  Using chopsticks properly is an essential etiquette. It is one of the most concerned table manners in Japan. Not only they should be held properly but also must be placed at a proper place ‘hashioki’ (a chopstick stand) after eating.

Following rules must be observed for using chopsticks properly:

  • While talking you should not point your chopsticks at someone.
  • You should not stab the food with your chopsticks. Instead pick up your food by sticking your chopstick into the  food.
  • Don’t play with your chopsticks or rub them together.
  • While taking food from the communal dishes you must use the other end of the chopsticks. The end which you don’t put in your mouth.

These japanese dining etiquettes will help you to set yourself  easily and comfortably among your japanese colleagues.

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