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Top 10 Delicious English Expressions

Top 10 Delicious English Expressions

Idioms are languages which have expressions, they are the sayings which actually don’t mean what they appear to mean. These expressions are very commonly used but their meaning is different from the individual meaning of each word put together. This blog tells you about the Top 10 Delicious English Expressions which are related to food. These idiomatic expressions have two meanings, one is literal and the other is figurative. The literal meaning is what we understand from the words and the figurative meaning goes much deeper than the words used.

Idioms help you to amplify your message an draws the attention of the readers or the listeners. It adds a sense of humour which is an effective way to make your work more creative and can make a dull writing impressive.

Why do people use English Food Idioms?

Delicious English Expressions

Food is an all time favourite part of everyone’s life. People love to eat or talk about the food. English speakers are food lovers. Their love for food is so much that they like to use food related expressions while communicating in their daily life.Though these idioms express about food but their literal meaning is not actually about food.

 Top 10 delicious English expressions:

  • Finger Licking Good:

Finger Licking Good

This phrase is an expression of good food. When people eat any delicious food and they like it so much that they feel like licking their fingers to get the full extravagance of the taste.


  • Apple of his eye:

Apple of his eye

Expression of this phrase refers to something or someone who is a favourite and is admired above all.


  • That’s the  way cookie crumbles:

That’s the  way cookie crumbles

Expression of this idiom is that certain situations must be accepted the way they are. People come across some unprevented situations where they can’t do anything except accepting it.


  • Spill the beans:

Spill the beans

Unexpectedly revealing secret information. People sometimes accidentally say such things which they are not supposed to.


  • Nutty as a fruitcake:

Nutty as a fruitcake

This expression means to be a very strange or crazy person.


  • Melt in one’s mouth-


Melt in one’s mouth

This phrase is also used as an expression of good food which is tender, soft and very delicious to eat.


  • Piece of a cake-

Piece of a cake

A task which is very easy to accomplish. People use this phrase when they complete a task easily without much effort.


  • Finger in the pie

Finger in the pie

To get involved in something where your involvement is not wanted. We use this phrase when we see anyone involving himself in any task where his presence is generally not required.


  • Full of beans-

Full of beans

Having lot of energy and enthusiasm. Speakers refer this to the people who have a lot of energy and they can’t sit still in one place.


  • Life is a bowl full of cherries-

Life is a bowl full of cherries

Life is wonderful. People generally use this when everything in their life is going well.


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